Inspired Dance: Second Chances
Nampa Civic Center
Jun. 3rd - 4th 2021

Inspired Dance Presents Wizard of Oz: Second Chances June 3rd and 4th at 6:30 p.m.

We all deserve a Second Chance in life. Why? Because life often puts us into categories or gives us labels that we either accept and live up to, or build our worth around. But, are we really what others negatively say or think about us? Can we offer ourselves and others a second chance simply by changing how we think of them?

In our story, Wizard of OZ: Second Chances, we believe you can offer others a second chance. Let us show you how a renewed perspective of Faith, Hope, and Love provides us all with a second chance and then some!

  • Thursday, Jun 3rd at 6:30pm Buy Tickets
  • Friday, Jun 4th at 6:30pm Buy Tickets